Nest Room Auditions ft. Marracash | Google

Video Launch

Before playing on the biggest stages in the world, all artists started from a much smaller stage: their bedroom. That's why Google decided to help aspiring young talents turn their room into a stage, with its new smart display: Google Nest Hub.

To make this we created Nest Room Auditions, a contest in collaboration with someone who also started from his room: the Italian King of Rap, Marracash.

Video Mentorship

All they had to do was record an original song and use Google Nest Hub to make their performance memorable.
Among all auditions, we chose 10 finalists: they got the chance to meet their idol Marracash and get his secret advice to become a successful rapper. Only one of them won and recorded his first song with a superstar music producer: Marz.

Video Tutorial

You don’t know how to use Google Nest Hub?
Don’t worry. It’s really easy. Look:


Chief Creative Officer & Partner - Livio Basoli, Lorenzo Picchiotti
Design Director - Alessio Salatino
Copywriter - Marco Bottini
Art Director - Paolo Vendramini
Junior Copywriter - Paola Cecere
Junior Art Director - Edoardo Serafini
Graphic Designer - Niccolò Campanini

Client Director - Elena Panza
Account Manager - Ilaria Belcastro

Integrated Production Director - Matteo Pecorari
Head of Physical Production - Simone Raddi 
Senior Producer - Alice Garbelli
Producer - Ramona Linzola
Junior Production Coordinator - Francesca Di Donna

Director - Giulio Rosati
DOP - Giuseppe Bonasia
Photographer - Giulia Rosco

Post Production Supervisor - Seba Morando
Editor - Valentina Stefania Renna, Dario Lipani
Motion Designer - Dario Lipani
Compositing - Diego Gonzalez
Colorist - Claudio Beltrami, Giorgia Meacci
Sound Designer - Tommaso Barbaro

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Nest Room Auditions ft. Marracash | Google
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