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Q&A with Rachelle Lucas | Crush! Issue 35

Rachelle Lucas, from the USA, is known as an avid traveller and culinary enthusiast. Conversation, laughter and bonding over food is what she believes is the link that brings people together in every region and culture. Rachel’s success started when she was a boutique bed and breakfast owner in Central Florida, which led her to her entrepreneurial endeavor to become an international travel/video journalist and blogger. Her blog, documenting her exciting travels and her musings, has a popular following – Rachel is regarded as a top influencer in travel with a combined personal social media following of over 57k.
We caught up with Rachelle while she was in Cape Town for World Tourism Month for the Cape Town Tourism’s #LoveCapeTown campaign.

1.  Tell us a little about
My blog,, began as a collection of recipes which I collected while I travelled.  They were the best souvenirs as they were easy to pack, hard to come by in my own country and when used, instantly brought my senses back to wherever I had travelled.  It has since expanded to include stories, tips, fabulous itineraries, videos, and pretty much anything I love that's related to travel.
2.  Describe your food experience while being in Cape Town?
Indulgent!  We tried everything from an eight-course midnight ice cream soiree to a Cape Malay cooking class in the Bo-Kaap.  If I had to pick a favourite dinner, it would have to be at La Residence in Franschhoek.  Their sommelier, Evan, really knows his stuff and describes food and wine in such a way that you want to applaud afterwards.
3.  What was the most unusual flavour that your travelling taste buds encountered while being in South Africa?
That would have to be the chorizo flavoured ice cream we tried at The Creamery.  It was during our eight-course ice cream based meal and one of the courses was chorizo ice cream with candied bacon and baked apples.  Divine pairing!
4.  What do we South Africans do differently in the kitchen?
The one thing that really stands out to me as being different is the array of spices.  It's not just one or two spices, but a whole pantry full of flavours that are mixed together to create your own unique blend.  I can definitely see the culinary influence of multiple cultures and it's quite yummy.
5. And the most important question… what did you think of biltong?
I love biltong!!!  It's the best meat snack in the world and far superior to the ‘beef jerky’ which we have in the States.  I actually snuck some back with me.  
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Follow Rachelle on Twitter, @TravelBlggr, Facebook or visit her blog.
Q&A with Rachelle Lucas | Crush! Issue 35

Q&A with Rachelle Lucas | Crush! Issue 35

Q&A with Rachelle Lucas | Crush Says | Crush! Issue 35


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