Studio Juju | Work

The future of work will involve more interactions between people. Hence, the transitions between focused and collaborative work should be effortless. Whether its working in privacy with no distractions or openly with coworkers to share and brainstorm ideas. With workspaces becoming more dynamic our goal for the studio was to create a product that could encourage or help this type of work environment.
Our answer...
Focus + Collaboration + Light = FoCol Light.
Most office environments are over-lit, which can affect ones productivity, and interactions between groups and individuals are incresing.
FoCol Light efficiently uses the quality of light to provide seamless transitions between these work modes.
Final Design
Solidworks technical drawings.
Keyshot renders of final design.
Making of FoCol Light
The light was cut, bent and milled out of aluminium square tubes and panels.
Certain joints were welded, where the rest were then drilled and screwwed together.
After the parts where correctly cut it was sanded and powder coated matte black. 
By rotating the panels individually, users are able to create different work environments/ scenarios to suit their current situation.
Final Prototype
Presentation Video
FoCol Light