Il Paradiso a Tavola

This book is a collection of the main recipes from the kitchen of Cubadak Paradiso Village.
We made it with our hearts, and we dedicate it to all our hosts and customers.
Especially to those who have always encouraged, thanked, and stimulated us to do better and better.
The whole story couldn’t begin without them: without their appreciations for our food (who would have imagined that, many years ago, when we first started this adventure on the other side of the world!), without their suggestions, and finally without their hint to read some recipes from Cubadak in a simple and functional way. Thanks to their starting urge, we managed to order our notes and produce a “fair copy” of our
recipes. We made them consistent with the aim of this publication and we tried to classify them. 
Now this small object, that is actually veryprecious to us, collects a part of them.We hope you will be glad to share these recipeswith us. Because our recipes now are also yours!
Art Direction and Page Design: Francesca Infantino
Illustrations: Jacopo Rosati