Various Designs and Sketches
LEGOLAND California
Traced and Hand free sketch for a Chirstmas time walk thru attraction with Decoration and Light up figures. The interior and surrounding trees were to be wraped with Cool and Warm white LED's to give a winter wonderland feel. During the musical soundtrack magical chimes would play and the white lights would fade to a world of color that would slowly transition back to white again.
Another Christmas time design. This was designed to be an entrance to the Magical Enchanted Walk. The base is is a truss arch, attached would be various sizes and shapes of Stars and Snowflakes connected together by gold ribbon scrolls. The Stars would be various colors of White, the Snowflakes would be shades of white and blue. When the same magial chimes from the sound track played this arch was the starting point of the wave of change.
A Google Sketch Up design of the christmas show "Let It Snow." This is the Toy Soldiers hut that also doubled as a magic effect. The set design need a little LEGO refrence so the hut was made to look as if made by large LEGO Bricks.
The basic light design using paint, we utilized available programs at the time to design area lighting for the Miniland section of the park. This version became most of the standard for evening events for the area and minor modifications where made when needed.

This Design was for the Christmas time Fireworks so Snow machines and support equipment for them were placed on the truss towers.
The same situation as above but for an event stage for the New Years Eve event.
The First version of the "Let it Snow" Musical production.
One of the first version scenes of the “Journey to the Lost Temple” Set design before contracted out to SRO Associates, Inc. Utilizing Google's Sketch up program the creative team was able to view the set at any angle from the audience and backstage.
Directional Signage design for LEGOLAND California's Halloween event "Brick or Treat." Credit goes to Laura Lee Juliano for bring it to life in a visual form.
A Visual demonstration that was made to present to the Directors of the park for additional money to support the addition of this light show. 2010 was a big year of expansion for the Halloween event "Brick or Treat Party Nights" at LEGOLAND. A large investment was made into this show. You can see more on the 2010 Brick or Treat Portfolio page. The program that was used to design and operate the show is "Light-O-Rama's Showtime"
Sketch up model to see how our roving pirate show would be visable from diffrent points of view.
Sketch up design model based off of the Walt Disney World Epcot park. I made this to propose an alternative solution for audio and lighting setups for a venue at the park. It was never implamented but the idea was there.
Redesigned an existing hand prop for a costumed charcter at LEGOLAND's next door neighbor Sea Life Aquarium.
Sketch of an archway to give the Brick or Treat trail a bigger entrance. Design was made with the intention of using prefabricated panels.
An original design of a stone archway as an alternative design from the prefabricated arch.
The Brick or Treat Archway converted to a christmas themed entrance.