Juliette & Chocolat is a chain of five chocolate restaurants and boutiques in Montreal, Canada, in which I'm an investor and managing director. I also do all the photography for the company, including food/culinary photography, straight product photography, location photography, event and behind the scenes photography, and social media photography.  
All-chocolate soft-boiled eggs.
Chocolate lipstick.
One of our restaurants. 
On the set of her TV show "Le chocolat selon Juliette"
Cocoa pod
Antique chocolate molds

Social media photography:
These are most often taken on-the-fly with an iphone and are intended to give our fans a behind the scenes look at our projects projects such as the construction of a new Juliette & Chocolat store, the filming of Juliette's TV shows, or the creation of our products. The very last one is our kamasutra chocolate bars.