Mobile Applications: Showcase 2022

Tokee Crypto
Community App

Tokee is a concept app making the crypto world accessible and easier to follow for everyone. It’s a community of people interested in blockchain who want to humanize it and unleash its full potential. The advanced voice-search mechanism navigates through the network to serve all the most important and relevant information regarding a specific topic, in just a few clicks!

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Cashback App Concept

It’s a remarkable solution for those who want to get the most out of online shopping! You can get cash back on anything: clothes, food, gadgets, tickets, hotel reservations, and more. Once you collect the money back from your purchases, you can easily withdraw it to one of your selected bank cards.

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Spotify - concept redesign

At Netguru, we like bringing ideas to life, fast. I decided to make a quick revamp of an app that many of you use daily and build the prototype in Figma with some cool interactions in it. Many of us can struggle to find the right music to listen to, that matches our current mood and feeling. Introducing a tapping mechanism that works like a metronome and uses machine learning to match your rhythm with the most accurate music suggestions.
Having one “Play” call to action button, hides the path to your music collection, providing custom shortcuts whether you are searching via album, artist, or playing history.

The Baby Tracker
Mobile App

The Baby Tracker Application is a solution crafted for mothers and their babies, where they can save and track their child’s measurements over time. One of the main features of this application is a wireless connection with a breast device, to track the start time, duration, and output for pumping sessions. The pumping stats provide full control over the pumping activity.

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Banking App Concept

It’s a concept for a banking app that helps users save money for specific goals, get extra cash in emergencies, and gives tips and tricks to grow financial skills.
To create the look and feel of the product, I explored the dark vs light mode together with a neon and pastel pallet, and played with some geometric illustrations including the glassmorphism effect.

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Certain Coin - Investment App

I would like to share with you my Certain Coin investment app concept based on sustainability and new technologies funds. This tool is dedicated to all types of investors. They can set their goals and profile to be provided with tailored offers.

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Fintech App Concept

Everyone knows that managing many bank cards can be annoying, especially if you have them with several banks. So, I’ve designed a simple concept of an application that will make managing your cards a lot simpler and more enjoyable. Here is a simple and easy concept that will allow you to transfer money wherever you want, in a very fast way.

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Bird Shazam App Concept

Here is a concept of a “Bird Shazam” app I’ve designed and illustrated, inspired by Charlie Harper’s iconic style. The app lets you record the songs of the birds nearby or upload a photograph to find out the species. You can learn more about its characteristics, area of occurrence, look up the gallery, and collect the discoveries you make.

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Fitatu Redesign Concept

Fitatu is a great application that helps you track your calories to stay healthy or lose weight. You can set your daily calorie goal, check the summary of macronutrients, create recipes, or save your favorite meals. The app concept is simple and user-friendly. You don’t have to calculate how many calories you still need to reach your goal or how much water you have to drink to keep your body hydrated because this app will do it for you.

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CardGuru - NFT Mobile App

If you are also crazy about NFTs, it’s time for you to check out our upcoming app, CardGuru, the digital art gallery and marketplace for Netgurals to buy and sell pieces of art.
CardGuru also allows Netgurals to open their own digital gallery, and other friends from Netguru can admire collections and buy the pieces of art. So everyone can become an NFT gallery owner!

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Smarffice - smart office concept app

We would like to share the concept of a smart office app that integrates people’s location with sensors in the building. It is a live tracking system that helps people find, discover, or learn anything – no matter if you are a long-term worker or a newbie. The latest news related to the building, things that are going to happen nearby, or delicious food if you are hungry. Everything in one place!

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Sleepyhead – an app for good sleeping habits

The app helps you improve your sleeping habits and overall sleep quality by offering relaxing sounds to listen, sleep analysis and numerous tips so that you can wake up rested every day. 

FinTech App Concept

Today, I would like to share with you my dark theme mobile app concept. Whether you are a newbie or experienced trader, you can make your investing easier. With this app, you can invest in stocks, buy and sell crypto and keep up with the latest news from the financial world. 

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Mobile Applications: Showcase 2022