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    The Trip Northbound
This was the first stop of our trip in Ilocos Norte. The resthouse of Paolo's grandfather. The architecture of the place was unusual specially when you went upstairs. Glass walls with curtains and other stuffs. Unusual up to the extent that it lies in the middle of corn fields. Only the caretaker lives here.

A shot from the inside of the house

Yeah. This was the cornfield that i'm talking earlier.

Our second stop- Dawang's place,10 mins away from the glass house. :D Different dishes served, Ilokano dishes? (not really) but when we are going to talk about the taste of the food, then it is a must for a food tripping.
I panned while waiting for our order at Dawang's place.

The panoramic view of the beach near the main road.
Bon, Me, Paolo, and Kuya Marvs

On our way to the Bangui Windmills. I requested kuya Marvs to stop for me to take some pictures of the place. The first shot of the Gang. haha
Bangui Windmills: a view from the top. This was not the best place to take pictures of the windmills but i never thought we could get any closer.
Handmade souvenir items sold at the view deck.

On our way to Blue Lagoon

A stop over before reaching the Blue Lagoon beach.
At last! we reached the beach and it was exactly 12 in the afternoon! We headed directly under a small tree to have a shade and enjoy our baon. It's lunch time and we had no lunch.haha!
The place was undeveloped and it was a plus for me to compose differently. 

Yes we we're! We we're all sleepy at this point because we headed directly to Pagudpud right after we reached the glass house!
You shouldn't miss this! If you do, with your roadtrip northbound, then you missed a big bunch of experience!
The rapids of "Dakel Nga Danum." This occupied a huge part of our trip. We enjoyed a lot!
The best way to unwind for free. Sit back and enjoy.
Took this shot with my fingers crossed. My camera was an inch away from disaster. haha. cheers to my tripod and remote!

A view from the top. Where fresh and salt water meet.
It was around 5pm and the light started to produce a more contrasted image. I like this shot.
Kuya Marvs said that this abandoned ship became a tourist attraction in the place.

Day 1 ended with a smash!
The house of Tito Jojit and Tita Lala inspired by barn houses in the states. Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality!
Too bad i didn't capture the external aesthetic of the house.
The Malacanang of the north, first stop of our second day.

The lobby of the palace.
This was the function room, they preserved the place. There was an ongoing maintenance and renovation when we visited the place.
The master's bedroom.
180' view on the terrace of the palace.
The window is inviting. The ambiance on this part of the palace is really good for small talks.
You can't avoid garlics and onions in Ilocos. An eveyday garden variety here.
Tomatoes in the wild!
I asked Kuya Mervs to bring us to Nana Rosa's Chichacorn and i bought a few packs for pasalubong and chips. 
The emapanada of Batac, Ilocos Norte today was not the usual empanada that i've tasted 5 years ago. The classic wins.

Paoay Church (also known as St. Augustine Church) built in 1898.
The Fort Ilocandia Resort.
NEXT destination was the resthouse of Paolo's Auntie Desiree. Let me call it another glass house. :)
The view on the third floor was very calm and relaxing.
Kuya Marvs drove me to the market nearby. I spotted this fish and we bargained for the price. We got it for 90 pesos! And it was worth it!
This house looks the same, front and back. The only clue that gave distinction was the door. There was no door at the back. Therefore, this was the back!!! haha.
Chasing the sunset!
Woke up and saw Pao brushing his teeth in the middle of nowhere. 
Start of day 3. We were on Cagayan already on this point. Stopped by to get the wired money from Western Union.
The cool tricycles of Cagayan, i didn't pay attention to the place and the name of the market because of this trikes piled up in the parking space of the market.
On our way to the 4km shore of white sand. too bad the weather was cloudy and the native of the place told us that a heavy rain fell an hour before we reached Anguib. 
Grilled fish+Fried Chicken+Rice+Fresh Buko Juice=solved!
Isn't it fat? haha.
Credits to Paolo for this shot. 
Paolo used to take pictures of random people in Anguib. Nice view pao! peace! haha!
These were the people from Anguib. They just live nearby. 
The place was not yet developed but according from a source, this was already bought by a private company and there were certain proposals and plans to make this place commercial in the future.
The 5hr travel time from Ilocos was worth it!
Live octopus caught nearby.
We reached Palaui island at around 2pm. The place was 30 mins. boat ride from Anguib. The island was privately owned and we were tasked to talk to the caretaker of the island for interview. this was done for them to be informed on what was our purpose.Too bad it rained, and i haven't take pictures yet.
The Children of Palaui Island
The Crocodile Island. Nearby Island of Palaui.
I wish i had an ultra-wide angle lens. haha.
shifting profession. haha. nice pao!

The Crocodile Island (view from the top)
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