2009 I VENICE BIENNALE PROPOSAL I “Relax in Cyprus ”
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    Proposal for the Venice Biennale, Cyprus Pavillon
Proposal for the Venice Biennale.
Concours réalisé avec Arnaud Backer
Patrimony popularization for clean landscapes. 
The initial important aspect was to define theambiguity surrounding the term ''relax", especially within the theme wedecided to develop: ''mass tourism''. The European conception of tourism isparticularly passive; the word ''relaxation'' would hence see its sense inactivities that could be done anywhere, anytime, in any country. Stay lazy onthe beach, tan, sexual tourism for example...  However Cyprus happens to be the destination of a brand newEuropean tourism sensitive to the country's price, to its barely builtlandscapes and to its skyrocketing tourism economy. The fear comes from thepossibility that this development could occur too fast which would disfigureboth the landscape and the patrimony. A form of tourism that would be too''relax'' and not clever enough would also spoil a country that faces manyproblems nowadays such as the boundary splitting the country, the politicaltensions, the desired reunification as well as the difficulties due to thecounty's insular character. We share the opinion that tourism -and thearchitecture around it- spoils both landscapes and patrimony regardless of itsnecessity to Cyprus' economy. We would
like to create a newexodus based on a tacky architecture which can be disfigured -just the wayCyprus' landscape can be disfigured sometimes- but which the tourists will findpleasant and attractive. This new exodus would be extremely limited as for itsimplantation in order to reveal clean landscapes!
©Arnaud Backer & Romain De Santis