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The task

Astro.Pet is a food tech startup located in São Paulo (SP) – Brazil. The founder, Thiago Balducci, for a long time wondered how he could promote a solution that would bring the pet-owner closer to his four-legged friend, and through food, he found the purest way to show affection. The objective was to create a brand that could dialogue with both pet-market stakeholders and the hectic routine of a metropolitan city.

So we had a challenge ahead of us: build a meaningful lovebrand that could transmit love and affection through its products. 


astro, in brazilian Portuguese

the common name for all celestial bodies (stars, planets, comets, satellites, etc.).

eminent individual; luminary; famous one; artist.

Therefore, we chose to rely on the metaphorical sense of the "Astro" word, to bring the idea that the end customer who chooses as food will have all the care that an artist or a rock star has.

Client: Astro PET   —   Service: Branding & Identity System Design   —   Year: 2022   —   Creative Direction: Thomaz Edmundo & Gabriel Cambraia

Como é ser um astro? 
(What is it like to be a rock star?)

Você vai me desculpar, mas aqui eu não consigo te contar como é ser um astro, uma coisa te adianto, é ter todos ao seu redor e mesmo com uma vida corrida, ter tempo de dar atenção à todos.

You will excuse me, but I can't tell you here what it is like to be a star, but I can tell you one thing, it is to have everyone around you and even with a busy life, to have time to pay attention to everyone.

Como assim todos ao seu redor?
(What do you mean with "everyone around you?")

Ahhh, você sabe como é né? - Sair pra passear, todos na rua querendo passar a mão em mim, fotos e flashs. E já ia me esquecendo, depois que virei um astro, todo mundo se preocupa comigo, é complicado!

Ahhh, you know how it is, right? -- Going out for a jog, everyone on the street wants to grab my hand, pictures and flashbulbs. And I almost forgot, after I became a star, everybody worries about me, it's complicated!

Como se preocupam?
("How they care about you?")

Simplesmente quem está ao meu redor, quer que eu tenha sempre o melhor.
É isso, e é animal! Agora to indo nessa, valeu!

Simply, those around me want me to always have the best.
That's it, and this is freaking awesome! Now I'm going to go for it, thanks!

The Core Idea 

Rockstars are always in evidence and receive all the affection of their fans.

The core idea of product design is to highlight the star of the month, that is, the prized customer who has a high frequency of purchases. Therefore, in all product design and communication pieces, the rockstar of the month is always put in the spotlight, whether on the packaging, in OOH's, or in social media.



Astro.Pet is a food tech startup located in São Paulo (SP) – Brazil. The founder for a long time wondered how he could promote a solution that wo Read More