Milk Packaging
Café based milk packaging design directed towards students.
I had the assignment of designing aseries of milk bottles marketable to students in Norway. The choiceof flavors was up to me, but the milk had to be advertised as ahealthy product with added vitamins.

I believe the best way to markettowards young people is to follow them into their environment. Thebest thing would be to infiltrate popular cafe markets which have along tradition among students in Norway. The milk would be sold atpopular cafes where students are the most predominant customers.

Tine (the milk company) has an existingproduct which has sold well in Norway for years. This milk is wellknown and popular, however, it has been marketed towards children. Since students also enjoy it, I decided that the best thing I coulddo was use the old campaign as a springboard for the new product. The milk features famous illustrations of animated cows which I havedecided have grown up, gone to university, and grown mustaches. Idecided a fun name would be “Milk Mustache”.

The design consists of traditionalillustrations along with modern typography. I believe the designrepresents its company well and reaches the correct demographic.