Fare Moana Promotional Video
This promotional video has been done for free for the Dive Center I'm part of. It was important to show most of the center activities, but mostly the shop which has just opened in november.
All in this film has been done by me, from filming to editing and from visual effects to music.
The material used in the video has been collected during a whole year.
It was important to have real images of the dive center life, and all the footage used in the video has been shot while diving or traveling with Fare Moana.
All the video in the dive center was shot using the Canon EOS 70d.
Underwater footage was shot mostly with a Sony RX100 in a Nauticam underwaer housing.
The final editing has been done in Premiere Pro with some Magic Bullet Looks aplied to it to give this blue feeling.
The title have been done using After Effects and Trapcode Particular. The goal was to have a reminder of the bubbles in the logo.
The first title is a simple Particular emiter without much animation in it :
All other titles have been completly scripted (start and end position, timeings, size, ...) inside After Effects to allow an easy modification of each one:
Animated Logo
The animated logo has been done in After Effects without any external plug-in. Each buble has been animeted separately.
A video of only the animated logo:
The music has been entirely composed by myself for this video. The goal was to have something with a touch of epic but also with a catchy rythm and some rock influence.
For this track I used the Moog Sub Phatty for de basse, and some virtual synthethisers and samplers for other tracks. I used to instances of Native Instruments Massive with a home made patch.
A bubble souns was added to emphasize the titles.
You can listen to it on soundcloud:
If you feel the mood of remising the track, you can remix it on blend.io (private message for invitation) : http://bit.ly/1b862aE
Fare Moana Promotional Video

Fare Moana Promotional Video

Complete creation of a promotional video for a dive center in Geneva, Switzerland


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Adobe Premiere Pro

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