We are animals
This cycle has its origin in an old, forgotten museum of nature in an industrial city of Łódź. The author, Paweł Fabjański, shows the renewing energy of the place itself. ‘Dormant’, stuffed animals are shown as an opposite to the snappy and energetic model – they both become symbolic props that are to represent the slogan ‘we are animals’. The model is – firstly – one of the museum’s props, but as the series evolves, she escapes from the display cabinet and beams with vital energy that takes over the whole museum. This is Paweł Fabjański’s personal attempt to break through the style that has been reigning in fashion photography – styling and newest trends are a matter of less importance. It’s the atmosphere, the psychedelic fling and a lyric content that have a leading role.

photo: Pawel Fabjanski | http://www.fabjanski.com/
styling: Elwira Rutkowska
makeup: Klaudia Jaspinska
production: PinkPonk