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    Kanovits Media Headoffice
Headoffice Slovakia
Design team: Jozef Tučný
3D Visual: Viktória Zsigarcsiková
Graphic design: Club Media
Photos by: Gabor Kanovits
Completion: JTD

Project: Kanovits Media
Location: Dunajská Streda
Area: 80m2
Budget: 45.000€
Timeless and breathtaking futuristic interior - Like this idea sounded investor who is one of the leading leaders in the field of advertising and media business. Company "corporate" which has previously been characterized by a distinctive blue color was shifted to a completely different dimension and color only appears as a blue backlight. Dynamic shapes of elements in the interior indicate the overall hi-tech company's approach to its responsibilities as well as a strong market position. The combination of raw concrete surface, shiny white floors and wooden ceiling tiles complemented to perfection impressive view of the city skyline.