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D-05 Metaverse Shopping Center

D-05 Metaverse Virtual Shopping Center
D-05 元宇宙虚拟购物中心

D-05 Virtual Shopping Center is a Metaverse-themed concept design where you will see new branding and shopping concepts, a new immersive experience, and UI & UX design. I also added some original brands that don't exist yet but have a big trend in the virtual industry. Based on the naming D-05, I was inspired by the theory of five dimensions and designed this project.
This is a personal project which took me six months to produce, I hope you enjoy it!

此作品是我花费6个月制作的个人的毕业设计, 请欣赏!

The future is in this video

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The setting room is the first place you will arrive when you enter the D-05 shopping center. It is located at the top of the shopping center, where you can make basic settings such as character selection, wallet selection, service purchase, etc.

The setting room 是用户进入D-05购物中心后第一个到达的地方。它位于购物中心的顶部,在这里你可以进行基本的设置,如角色选择、钱包选择、服务购买等等。


Each store in D-05 will be presented as a "capsule", with each capsule having its own large interior space.


What is the shape of the inner space of a square? Is it also square? No, in a virtual world it can be a circle, a triangle, or even it has no space inside at all, but a flat two-dimensional space.


The virtual world has infinite possibilities, and so does the means of advertising.

Neon Genesis Evagelion & NIKE


King Kong & ADIDAS

Blue Whale & Coca - Cola

The new concept of virtual products.

The UI and UX Design in virtual worlds is a completely new field, I have made use of the possibilities of virtual worlds to design it.

VR Food Delivery  (McDonald's)
A new ordering experience in the metaverse - calorie and protein visualization

Setting Room UI
Take advantage of “space” to place multiple screens at different angles

Store Selection UI
Make the Sci-Fi interface in the simplest way

The Ready "Button"
Make "space" and this CTA button become one


Space Pilots
“The metaverse is a new future where every designer is an explorer discovering new possibilities.”

Thanks for watching!

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D-05 Metaverse Shopping Center

D-05 Metaverse Shopping Center