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Prasad Graphics (Personal Website Case Study)
Full Case Study:

Customer : Prasad Dangeti
Country: India
Case Type: Buying a domain & hosting, building the whole website
Date: 14-11-2021
Duration: 1 Weeks

Project Description: 

Prasad urgently needs a simple website to showcase his products. But he does not know what to do for web designing and domain,hosting. So he asked me to do a good domain search for him , purchase a hosting service and build a simple website. So I reqested more information about his business and helped him to build a website as he wished.

Domain and Hosting Research:

We puchase a domain called "" domain name for the business and also purchse a hosting plan.

Website Design: 

After purchasing Domain & Hosting, I installed WordPress, drew on a design paper as the client said, and designed the full website with the help of Elementar Page Builder after approving it.
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Prasad Graphics (Personal Website Case Study)
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