2D/3D Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

Everything I've done this year thus far.
A Man playing his oriental instrument in the subway with great skill, amongst a crowd of people. It was too good to be true so I took out my T2i to record it.
I shot the video, modeled, textured, and tracked the boat to the scene. I Created Ncloth sails and did the composite in Nuke.
An Ncloth Simulation from 1990 to 2011.
A Video I shot and animated to  Kid Cudi's song Come Around. 
All the stuff I did this school Year.
A music video I did with a whole bunch of green screen footage shot at school. Missy Elliot's Ching-a-Ling is on the track.
A sneaker commercial done for another assignment. Haha wanted to go out of the box with this one.
A Logo animation of Minnesota Timberwolves, another one of my assignments for class
This toy commercial I did for class. It was mostly stop motion and tweaked it with After Effects.
A Commercial I made For my School, used Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.