The Old Willow School is located in the depths of the forest.
Many little animals study there, each of them with its own personality:
We want to introduce you to Hermes.
He's a little nerdy frog and studies at The Old Willow School.
Hermes loves to study math and play chess indoors with his best friend Sophie
Hermes hates doing excercise ('cause, actually, he's not too good at all).
We want to introduce you to Meg.
She's a totally fancy foxy and studies at The Old Willow School.
Meg loves to look herself into the mirror and she's a little bit picky
Meg enjoy playing with dolls but her secret passion is collect flowers (and then wear them).
We want to introduce you to Randy.
He is a small boar and studies at the Old Willow School.
Randy is a dreamer with two great passions: lay down and looking at the stars
and wallow in the mud puddles (Sometimes he does both things at once!)
Randy hates the soap more than anything in this world, he bathes only when it rains.
We want to introduce you to Alex
Alex is a prankish raccoon and studies at The Old Willow School.
He's always looking for doing some mischiefs.
Alex loves to read comics about cowboys and indians and then play with
their friends Abe and Abby. Alex hates thunder storms, it's not that he's afraid, it is only because he can not go out and play, (okay, maybe they scare him a little)
We want to introduce you to Freddy.
Freddy is the laziest dog of all The Old Willow School.
He would spend the whole day sleeping by the shade of a tree, if he could.
Freddy loves watching the clouds, even more when he finds shapes between them.
But oh! it's so tired...
Matty is a little sporty mouse and studies at The Old Willow School.
Matty likes to play anything as long as he can do it outdoors.
Matty spends the whole day running and jumping. This little mouse can not be still
for even a second. But if there is something he likes as much as sports, that's Eveline, because... well, because she is different from all the other girls.
Phoebe is a very tiny know-all squirrel and studies at the Old Willow School.
What she likes the most is always being right and if it is against Hermes, much better.
Phoebe hates being wrong or being second in the spelling contest. And when that happens it's better not to be around her.
We want to introduce to you to Jerome
Jerome is a very distracted pig and studies at the Old Willow School.
It's no t that Jerome isn't smart, it's just he's not so fast as the other pupils or maybe
he's not interested in Math lessons. And, what Jerome really likes, is Nature and
how many moles has a ladybug on its wings. And that does not teach in books...
Artie is a grumpy bear and he's the bad boy of the Old Willow School.
What Artie likes the most is to mess with the animals that are smaller than him
(something not very difficult to find as he is the oldest of the class).
Artie only shows his good side when he is whith their little brothers.
And that's because they are what he loves the most in this world.
Artie hates the darkness, but if you ask him he will deny it, of course.
Sophie is a freak duckling and studies at the Old Willow School.
What Sophie likes the most in the entire world is to read books.
She would spend all day doing it if she could.
Because this little dreamer does not need to leave her room to live great adventures,
she finds them in the pages of her books.
What Sophie hates the most are the gym classes. A subject without book?!
We want you to meet Eveline.
Eveline is a hypochondriac small mole and studies at the Old Willow Scool.
Eveline never leaves home without her umbrella to block the sun and her asthma inhaler.
What Eveline hates the most is dirtiness, that and the pollen, because she is allergic.
One of the few things she likes is to see how Matty plays with his friends, though he does not even know who she is (or that's what she thinks).
Abe and Abby are two rioter bunnies and study at the Old Willow School.
They are twins and are always together. What they like the most is to play cowboys
and Indians with their very best friend Alex. Abe hates spiders, so he's thankful
when Abby is near to him when he finds one, there is no one who defend him better.
What Abby hates most is to play with dolls, and bows, that... come on, she can't stand them!
Miss Berta is the teacher of the Old Willow School.
What Berta likes most is teach her pupils, of course. That, and chocolate.
Berta loves walks in the Birches Forest. That, and chocolate. What Berta hates most is finding an insect, she's really afraid. Of them, and to running out of chocolate.
We want you to meet the head of the Old Willow School: Mr Wilson-o'clock-mayer.
What Mr Wilson-o'clock-mayer likes the most is to do a crossword while he's having the five o'clock tea. What Mr Wilson-o'clock-mayer hates the most is the unpunctuality, thing he controls with his precious pocket watch.