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IOM Anti-Trafficking Campaign Plan
IOM Anti-Trafficking Campaign Plan

What follows is the winning strategy proposal for the International Organisation for Migration campaign to stop trafficking of women in the Czech Republic. In addition to the extensive PR coverage that was obtained, a very below-the-line execution help stemmed the problem significantly in the country.

Most innovative (but not in the initial notes) was the use of classified help wanted ads targeting women seeking work via risky job offers. When they called the help wanted ads (which mimicked known traffickers recruitment ads) they would get a 30 to 60 second recorded message warning them of the danger potentials and how to avoid pitfalls...

Here was the campaign outline. Below is an example of a brochure that was developed;


PR Campaign plan:

As we strive to motivate awareness amongst the General Public (G.P.) about the problem of trafficking in women, one invaluable resource will be the coordinated use of public relations materials in a broad spectrum of media.

PR of the 'human interest' nature traditionally follows a set pattern of insertion in 'friendly' media, where it enters the 'story-trend stream' after which it will be picked up by other titles in the marketplace.

To ensure this and to assist editors in their job, it will be necessary to create an information package, which consists of background materials, resources and facts, plus contact information of the various agencies that are working to eradicate trafficking and help the victims.

PRINT PR: During the past week we have been able to confirm with seven titles receptiveness to featuring stories on the subject of trafficking in women, which will feature interviews with NGO personnel, survivors of abuse and information about the campaign.

FLYER DISTRIBUTION TO NIGHT CLUBS / DISCOS: Inexpensive and very effective at reaching potential victims (P.V.), these flyers will contain information about the problem, plus solutions and contact information for the website, where they can find more information about the dangers of and prevention of trafficking.

SCHOOL SPEAKER TOUR: An excellent way to put a 'human face' on the problem and to raise awareness is to have a speaker tour the upper level schools in the Czech Republic and speak about the problem and how students can avoid becoming a victim. It would be most excellent if we could find a former victim to engage for this job.

BROCHURE DISTRIBUTION TO GYNAECOLOGISTS OFFICES: By simply researching medical directories we can identify offices and then mail the information to doctors who treat women who might be going to work abroad. This kit would include general background information as well as brochures for the waiting area of their offices.

HELP-LINE FUND-RAISER BENEFIT TOUR: Capitalizing on the awareness generated, this action would take place towards the end of the campaign with the express goal of raising funds for the establishment of a help-line where people can get information on known criminal organizations and advice for any questions they might have.

At this action there can be bands, fashion shows, readings by women authors, discussions with survivors and NGO staff. An excellent opportunity to generate revenue from corporate sponsors and gain additional PR coverage, as this action will take place over two months in the major cities.

Print Campaign plan:

Print communications will form a most important part of our campaign against trafficking, and most publishers are very generous with their prices to firms of a non-profit nature. As the Czech Republic is a highly literate society with over 300 titles in all segments of the market, it will be best to focus on select media to reach the general public (G.P.) and the potential victims (P.V.). This is done by utilizing different forms of media (Newspapers and magazines) and by tailoring the message to our needs. It will be necessary to negotiate discounts/free space to maximize media reach.

MLADA FRONTA DNES/ANNONCE: An ideal location to reach those who might become potential victims, in publications the traffickers/recruiters often use themselves to lure the unsuspecting. By placing 1/4-page ads, in the help-wanted section, over the entire length of the campaign, we might possibly even discourage them from using this media for recruiting.

OTHER TITLES: Since the majority of magazine readers are women, it is natural that we place our adverts in titles that reflect this, but not to the extreme of excluding general interest titles. An alternating campaign to reach both the general public and the potential victims (which exist within the G.P.) will maximize effectiveness and keep the campaign from growing 'stale'.

BOOMERANG POSTCARDS: A very socially conscious company with excellent market reach, after negotiations this would be a perfect forum to promote the Help-line fundraiser benefit tour.

Outdoor Campaign plan:

TRAM STOPS: An excellent way to put the campaign in the public sphere is by the use of advertising on tram and bus shelters, and while producing the posters is in itself relatively inexpensive, the book rates for these spaces makes this a very expensive way to communicate the message. It is therefore necessary to negotiate for generous discounts on our placement, but as this firm (Rencar) is well known to be socially pro-active, I see no problems in accomplishing this goal. Ideal placement is 100 posters in Prague, with the remaining 200 spaces divided up amongst other regional city centers.

TRAMS (INSIDE): A much more affordable way to introduce the campaign to the public sphere, trams provide the perfect captive audience to deliver the message. We suggest 150 tram placements in Prague, with the remainder divided amongst municipalities that also have tram services, such as Brno and Ostrava, as well as others.

DOCTOR'S OFFICES: A perfect example of target marketing, this product, which is also available through Rencar, puts our posters in any number of up to 1,300 doctor's lobbies throughout the entire republic. An additional advantage to this is that it contains a holder for the placement of brochures (500 a month), and will reach those going to their general practitioner's office for check-ups and immunization before they go abroad.

POST OFFICE: Much in the same way as the doctor's offices, by placing our posters in post offices during the months of November and December we can capitalize on reaching those who might be communicating with people abroad.

BUS/TRAIN DEPOTS: Again an excellent way to reach both the public in general and potential victims who are in the process of travelling. Long periods of time spent avoiding the elements in the depot results in people reading everything and anything, so a visually captivating and informative poster will drive the message home.

Broadcast Campaign plan:

The use of broadcast electronic media is a perfect way to raise awareness amongst the general public and perfectly compliments the other parts of our campaign. One factor to consider however, is that recent media surveys show that Czechs engage in the least amount of television viewing time in Europe. There are four stations here, and if you compare this against Hungary's roughly equal population and over 20 television stations, you get a clearer picture of this trend.

TELEVISION: In light of this, many of the stations, if approached respectably and politely, will give airtime at extremely low prices (for example, TV Nova has offered 10-25 thirty-second spots for 1,000Kč).

RADIO: Radio time is a better broadcast method to reach people with a repetitive and evolving message throughout the country. And the prices are also very affordable, which means our message can be heard a couple times a day on 6 or more stations. To better understand our concept of repetitive and evolving messages, please see our sample radio campaign "Friends ask questions".

INTERNET: It will be necessary to establish early on in the campaign a web site for the dispensing of information, with a potential web address printed on all communications. However, there is a better way to use the internet to broadcast our information throughout all strata of Czech society than a web site, and that is by buying (or compiling) a list of all email addresses ending in '.cz' and sending them action notices and information about the problem of trafficking of women. This method is also an excellent device for attracting hits on the web site where those interested can find even more information.

(Friends ask questions/think before you go)

1. Spot /60 sec/
(A sound of a ringing phone) Crrr.. crrr..
(A woman's voice) International Organization for Migration, can I help you?
(A young girl's voice) Hi. I've, uh, had bad experiences from working abroad at nightclubs; I'm talking about trafficking in women. I really love my work and want to go overseas to follow my career, but last time I went they didn't exactly want me to dance, if you know what I mean. How can I avoid this mistake again?
(A woman's voice) You probably didn't make sure that your agency was reliable, or that all your necessary documents were in order. Maybe you didn't stay in contact with friends at home or with some person in the country you visited who would have been able to help you. It's a good thing you've called, because the amount of trafficking in women is increasing. To make sure this doesn't happen to you again always check out the company you'll work for with the host embassy, and for more information, find details from our web pages:
(Slogan) Think before you go!

2. Spot /45 sec/
(a sound of a ringing phone) Crrr.. crrr..
(a woman's voice) The International Organization for Migration, may I help you?
(a young girl's voice) Yeah. My friend was recently recruited by a talent scout to go to New York to work there as a dancer. I don't think this is a good idea because I've heard about trafficking in women, is it still a problem? I'm really worried about her.
(a woman's voice) Well, it's a good thing you've called. First she needs to make sure that the company she's going to work for is safe. She can do this by speaking with other dancers that have worked with them, as well as by contacting the host country's embassies and local police agencies in New York. Unfortunately the number of trafficking cases are increasing each year. It will be necessary for her to make sure that she has all her working permits and that they are valid. She should also establish contact with a reliable person in that country who can help her if she needs it. If you'd like more information why don't you check out our web pages at:
(Slogan) Friends, ask questions!

3. Spot /45 sec/
(A sound of a ringing phone) Crrr.. crrr..
(A woman's voice) The International Organization for Migration, how can I help you today?
(A voice of scared mother) My daughter is going to work in Italy as a model. I tried to find information about this company that hired her, but none of the other Italian agencies have even heard of them. Also they told her she won't be needing working papers. This doesn't sound right. Can anything bad happen to her?
(A woman's voice) Well, as a parent, I understand your concern. Every year thousand of young women go abroad to work as models. Unfortunately, more and more of them are finding themselves forced to work in prostitution rackets. It's a good thing that you've done some research. It's very likely that if other agencies haven't heard of them they are probably not a reputable firm.
Especially if they say she doesn't need working papers, which could only place her in danger and at their mercy. I would recommend that you help her in her search to find a legitimate company. If you'd like more information, check out the details from our web pages:
(Slogan) Friends, ask questions!

4. Spot /30 sec/
(a sound of a ringing phone) Crrr.. crrr..
(a woman's voice) International Organization for Migration, may I help you?
(a young man's voice) Um, hi. Yeah, my girlfriend's leaving to work as a barman in Brazil. She's really naive and I have worries about her. She's never been out of the country before. Do you have any advice for her?
(A woman's voice) Working in a bar is an exciting opportunity for her, I'm sure, but she needs to make sure that her agency is reliable and all her necessary documents are valid. She should also create a contact schedule to keep in touch with you and if possible establish contact in advance with a friend or reliable person in Brazil who would help her if necessary. For more information you can find details from our web pages:
(Slogan) Friends, ask questions!

5. Spot /30 sec/
(A sound of a ringing phone) Crrr.. crrr..
(A woman's voice) The International Organization for Migration, can I help you?
(A voice of a young man-brother) My sister has recently decided to take a job offer to work in a massage parlor in California. I've heard that some of these places are nothing more than brothels. She is really eager to go, but she thinks that nothing bad can happen to her. Is it safe for her to go?
(A woman's voice) Yes, if she makes herself sure that the firm who hired her is legitimate and registered with the authorities in that state. She will also need to make sure she has all the necessary documents and work permissions. She should also keep in contact with you once she gets there, and also she should contact the Embassy here to find out if they have any information on the company that she'll work for. If you'd like more information, look at our website at
(Slogan) Friends, ask questions!
Front Panel

Are you looking for work overseas?

Front Panel Fold

Each year thousands of young women and girls like you leave abroad, to learn new languages, meet different cultures, earn money and gain valuable working experience. A majority of them are successful. But many others are less fortunate.
Instead of a friendly family to stay with or obtaining pleasant experience from new work, they find themselves in situations when they are forced to work like prostitutes, unable to contact friends or families, alone and isolated with little hope to escape from such situation.

Trafficking in women from the Czech Republic is increasing year after year, frequently because this kind of crime presents minimal risk for international criminal organizations. Business in trafficked women is for them very profitable. Fundamental human rights of many young women are seriously violated. Our country is fighting with problems of not having enough information in the media about this problem. The International Organization for Migration is working to prevent this.
Inside Panel 1

There's no need to feel scared.

The following text will help you to prevent possible problems and pressures which may change your life into a nightmare. As long as you take these precautions, your stay will be everything you hoped for. Because as soon as you cross the frontier, a world you didn't know before, opens ups. Plenty of interesting experiences and new friends are waiting for you.

You'll come back enriched and full of insight. This experience will be invaluable to you in the future and in your career goals. But don't underestimate the possibility of danger, because as the number of such cases increases, it becomes necessary to be extra diligent to prevent them. It might also be a problem for someone you know; a friend, acquaintance, or even a family member.

You must always stay alert! Everything can be all right, as long as you are prepared for your journey. Several simple steps and you will prevent unfortunate situations, which lead to the loss of both freedom and dignity.

Inside Panel 2 & 3

Several simple steps you'll do are enough to make your stay comfortable. Ask yourself:

1. Is the agency reliable? Do they have references? Do you know any previous clients, which you can contact and have a talk with about their experiences? Have you checked the agency with the police or with the embassy of the pertinent country located in the Czech republic? Remember that forewarned is forearmed.

2. Are you going to work in the field of modeling, dancing, services in massage parlor or to be a barman? Be extremely careful, because such employment represents the biggest risk.

3. Do they tell you that you don't need a working permission? Wonder why? Research shows that trafficked women working illegally rarely escape their traffickers. They know this very well and will do everything to persuade you that you will not need permits. Remember that incomplete papers will result in problems.

4. Do you have all your papers in a good order? Is your passport valid? Did you handle your application yourself or did anyone else handle it for you? Always verify the validity of all-important documents before your departure.

5. Always stay in contact with friends or families. The biggest advantage is to have someone you know in the country you'll be staying in, who you can trust and who would be able to help you if you need it.

If you follow these several simple steps, you can feel certain, that no serious danger lies ahead. And for more information contact these organizations before your departure:

International Organization for Migration
La Strada Czech Republic
The Gender Studies Foundation
Elektra, Centre for Sexually Abused Women
ProFem, c/o Narodni dum Smichov
Rosa Foundation
Rozkos bez rizika
IOM Anti-Trafficking Campaign Plan
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IOM Anti-Trafficking Campaign Plan