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Project Serendipity
Project Serendipity by Keno 

Vova Keno is an artist from Ukraine and is currently based in Lviv. He came up with the idea of Serendipity Project. The idea is to collect his works and present them in books. There are 3 categories: sketches, graffiti pieces, and paintings. The task was to create a system that would be flexible and adjustable next volumes. Current it is the first volume of sketches, and the main idea was to bring to users the feeling of the original Keno's sketchbook. So we keep the same paper color, texture, and composition as in original sketches. Every item is hand-signed by the author to give a personal touch.  

"The project called ‘Serendipity’ is a reflection of different stages of my artistic journey, it’s a search for newness and transformation of existing, redefining forms and giving a new meaning to the old things. The term ‘serendipity’ means not only the paths themselves. It is fundamental in the creation process. I would describe it as the ability to draw important conclusions from random observations, to find what you haven’t been looking for. The main principle of serendipity is to be in the right place at the right time because significant changes always happen when you expect them least, but mentally you are ready for them." ©Keno

Pages: 136
Size: 125x170
Cover: Soft

Client: Vova Keno
Sketches: Vova Keno
Art Direction & Design: Maryan Ivasyk
Photography: Maryan Ivasyk
Print House: Kolo Print 
Typography: General Sans by Indian Type Foundry
Paper: Tintoretto Crema 300g.
Location: Ukraine, Lviv


Project Serendipity
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Maryan Ivasyk