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DeMontfort’s Youth & Family Consultancy Brochure
DeMontfort’s Youth & Family Consultancy — Services Brochure

An informative booklet with insert I wrote and designed for the famous DeMontfort Consultancy in Singapore (text follows images).
There was an additional A5 B&W insert:
DeMontfort’s Youth & Family Consultancy Services, developers of an innovative and creative Smart-Study programme, allows you to motivate, monitor, develop and counsel any student, giving them the vital tools needed to improve both their academic studies and their private lives.

Our all-round service has helped many individuals enhance the quality of their learning efforts, because we know that it’s possible for anyone to become a productive person, with guidance to show them the way. Our finely developed process, called Possibility and Probability enables each student to develop their capabilities to their fullest potential.

Founded by an experienced youth worker and counselor with more than 10 years of experience using this advanced educational technology, he undertook specialized training, earning professional qualifications in the fields of Youth/Children Behavior Modifications, as well as Educational Motivation and Family Work.

As Head of Academic Development & Head of Discipline in one of the most well-established Residential Home for Children and Youth in Singapore, his professional qualifications include: Prof/Grad. Diploma in Youth Work (Australia), Certified in the Reality Therapy counseling approach and Certified in Counseling Young Delinquents (Switzerland).

Over the course of his career he has built a unique motivational Smart-Study programme, which has been tried and tested repeatedly, resulting in a desirable positive outcome in each student’s efforts. So take a moment and read more to learn what this special service is all about.

Our Services Include:

With an innovative Smart-Study approach called Possibility & Probability, students can quickly gain a sense of achievement, which triggers further interest and motivation to re-discover the excitement of accomplishment. This process is targeted towards those students which display a lack of, or very little interest in their own academic performances. ‘P&P’ motivates the student into achieving a growing sense of accomplishment in their academic progress. It does this by developing the individual’s ‘self-worth’ in a way that allows the youth to be ‘heard’.


Professional consultants from DeMontfort’s, working in partnership with principals and academic staff, will monitor and evaluate the behavioural and academic progress of those students whose parents hectic schedule might prevent them from fully supervising their children’s learning efforts.
Insightful guidance is given on how best to deal effectively with their child’s negative behaviours in school, and towards improving inadequate or poor academic reports.


DeMontfort’s provides highly-trained and qualified tutors and teachers to conduct intensive tuition lessons. These tutors have undergone orientation through our program to understand the agency’s objectives, resulting in a quality service for the students. This very effective approach applies to all educational levels and subjects. Our Smart-Study ‘P&P’ approach can also be incorporated upon request.


Experienced and qualified counselors, trained and specialising in Youth and Family counseling approaches will provide this service to students and their parents.


This service is provided to overseas students studying in Government and Private schools. Students are given the necessary assistance and guidance to face the big challenges involved with regards to the high standard of education in Singapore. Full time house-parents will be responsible for nurturing and caring for the students under their charge, helping them to realize their full potential.

If you’d love to see your children or students develop to the best of their abilities and achieve improved academic performances to become responsible, happy individuals, please join us at DeMontfort’s. We have a proven and innovative approach to help you help your students to excel both academically and individually.

For more information or to make an appointment with DeMontfort’s Youth & Family Consultancy Services for a free consultation, call us today at: Tel: (65)6763 7058 (between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), 9763 0081 / 9847 2434 or write us an email at:

A few words from the founder:

How did the ‘P&P’ (Possibility & Probability) approach evolve?

“After working with troubled children & youth for over a decade, I realize that these young people were very special, with different wants and needs. Identifying these differences was the toughest challenge, as the youths themselves were unsure about what they wanted. So I began experimenting with different approaches and methods to motivate them to excel in their studies.

In the beginning, most approaches known to the educational community did not get the desired results I wanted. True, some youth did benefit from traditional approaches, but not the majority. The reasons for those failures were very clear. They all used the approach of ‘I-know-what’s-right-for-you’. Part of this failure, I believe, is because these textbook approaches were designed with Western students in mind.

Asia’s current educational systems are very exam & results orientated. Students able to score high grades are well recognized and given a lot of positive reinforcement.

Others, unable to score good grades, are side-lined in most schools. These students are placed in classes called EM2, EM3 (primary school) & NA, NT (secondary school). My observations revealed that these students, unable to cope, were very seldom ‘heard’ by the teachers as to what they really wanted and needed. Even if listened to, they were still only encouraged to “do their best” to cope with the current system.

The important question here is, have they been ‘heard’ or had they been side-lined once again? My key observation was that these special groups of students weren’t gaining any self-worth from what they were doing, and almost no reinforcement for their achievements.

Two important things that unmotivated students need is, one, to be HEARD and secondly, to be given and shown SELF-WORTH. To be heard and to have self-worth are the keys which unlock their lost interest in studies, and to changing any negative behaviors they were displaying.

After finding the keys to their lost motivation and interest, I developed the ‘P&P’ approach with our Eastern students in mind. Allowing the students to be ‘heard’ and allowing them to build self-worth is the secret to motivating the unmotivated ones. The ‘P&P’ model of motivation is unique and creative. It empowers the youth to choose what they want to achieve in education. At the same time, it teaches them to see their progress after a very short period of time.

Two key questions determine the interest and motivation levels in these students. 1: Do you like exams? 2: Do you like to pass an exam? 100% of the students who are not motivated in studies will give the answer NO to question 1. Yet, the same 100% will say YES to question 2.

After an evaluation by our counselors, we can firmly define what the student does not like about the learning process, and key them into their love of success and achievement. But it’s not an instant process, it takes the kind of guidance and adherence that we’ve developed at DeMontfort’s Youth & Family Consultancy Services.”

The students speak:

Testimonials about the Possibility & Probability Smart-Study program

“I dropped out of school at the age of 14 (Sec 2). I was not interested in studies and had problems understanding what the teachers were teaching. I was always getting into trouble and was very bored in school. I started to realize how important studies are because I was not able to get a stable job. Most of the jobs required ‘O’ levels. In February 2002, I decided to take my ‘N’ Levels. But I was lost and not able to find the right tutors to help me. I was introduced to the P & P smart-study method by a social worker. Within 4 months I was confident and motivated to pass my ‘N’ Level. I found the smart-study method simple and easy to use. Now I am preparing for my ‘O’ Levels and I am very confident that I will make it too.” – Mr. Omar, 23 years old, Redhill Close

“I was placed in a mixed class with EM 2 & EM 3 students in Primary 5. I was always weak in English and Math. My test scores were very poor. Teachers told me that I am more suitable for Normal Technical Stream after my PSLE.

When I went through the P&P smart-study method, I started to gain confidence and started to believe that I can make it to Normal Academic Stream after my PSLE. I was very happy that the smart-study method really helped me.

Now I am in the Normal Academic Stream. In my Secondary One, I was one of the top 10 students in my class after my final exams.” – Joseph Koh, 13 years old, Hillview Ave.

“Beginning of this year, I was not doing well for my Math and English. I love to read storybooks, but was not doing well for my English. Most of the times, I get Band 3 and 4 for my subjects. The P&P smart-study method made me realize my full potentials. I was able to plan my work and think smartly in the subjects. It also made me more confident and mature in my thinking. I was not surprised when I got an ‘A’ for my Math, ‘A’ for my English and ‘B’ for my Science in the PSLE exam. My average aggregate was more than 200.” – Nicolette J., 12 years old, Toa Payoh, Lor 5

“I did very well for my PSLE about 4 years ago. I was placed in a top Secondary School. After 3 months in Secondary School, I lost interest in my studies and dropped out. My parents tried to make me continue my Secondary education. I started to play truant and was facing a lot of discipline problems in school. I just hated going to school. In my first year at Secondary One, I did not complete my studies, my attendance was very poor. I was given a chance to repeat my Secondary One.

The following year, I refuse to attend school. I was only interested to work and earn money so that I could enjoy life. In 2002, I was given a final chance to complete my Secondary One.

Upon the suggestion of my counselor, I was introduced to the P & P smart-study method. At first, I was not interested and thought that it was a waste of time. But as I went along with the program, I started to get interested and challenged by the approach used. I completed my Secondary One with very good grades, now I have completed my Secondary Two and looking forward to complete my ‘O’ levels.” – Sherman Kwek, 15 years old, Bedok Reservoir Road
DeMontfort’s Youth & Family Consultancy Brochure
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DeMontfort’s Youth & Family Consultancy Brochure