Letter to Jane Magazine: Moral Tales
Letter to Jane Magazine: Moral Tales

Available for iPad in the App Store:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/letter-to-jane-magazine-moral/id436742725?mt=8&ls=1
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If you'd like to read about the making of this app you can read my post here: http://www.lettertojane.com/2011/how-i-improved-an-ipad-magazine
*This app was demoed with an iPad 1.

LETTER TO JANE Magazine is a Portland-based quarterly arts publication that provides a personal and in-depth look at contemporary art and pop culture. LETTER TO JANE gives artists an unfiltered platform for them to share their personal creative work and ideas without compromise. Created and self-published by Tim Moore, each issue combines a love for the arts, both past and present, and strives to bring them together in new and exciting ways. 

- INTERACT with anything on the screen. With simple, intuitive controls you can double tap anywhere to change the screen to fit your reading preference. 

- WATCH original short films, listen to new music, and browse through the galleries of some of the best photographers from around the world. 

- CONNECT to Facebook and Twitter so you can share the content you want on your favorite social network. 

- NEW navigation system allows you to read the magazine the way you want. You can navigate by feature, by chapter, or pick which story to read from the pop-up menu. 

- EXPLORE further than just the pages found in the magazine with links to more work by every artists.

Eric Rohmer 
Chantal Akerman 
Jean-Luc Godard 


Toro y Moi 
Carrie Brownstein 
Todd Cole 
Nerd Boyfriend 
Eva Michon 
Chrissie Miller 
Madeleine von Froomer 
Ben Briand 
Marc Anthony Thompson 
Les Savy Fav 


Shadows on Stars 
Laura Johnson 
Sophie van der Perre 
Agnes Thor 
Alexander Khudokon 
Ramon Ayala 
Ashley Helvey 
Kristin Dickson 
Brion Nuda Rosch 
Katie Merchant 
Jody Rogac 
Viviane Sassen 
Pablo Ravazzani 
Gillian Alexandra Kalisky 
Maggie Harrsen 
Sharon Goldberg