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Mandate Communications Website Copywriting
Mandate Communications Website Copywriting

Copy I wrote for the website of the largest homegrown advertising agency in Singapore.


Brand Building, creatively executed, strategically measured.

Mandate Advertising International is a full-service brand marketing firm with over 30 years of experience in South East Asia. Our mission is to help our clients realize the market moving potential of their brand through the careful application of strategic marketing communications. Our insights into media markets, audience demographics, brand positioning and channel penetration allow us to create communications which engage and captivate the right target audiences.
Technology and process continues to play an important role in brand elevation, and we've embraced a data-driven analytic approach to marketing communications. At Mandate International, our success is measured by long-term client satisfaction in our ability to produce consistent results and competitive advantages.

Mandate offers you the following services.

• Brand marketing strategies
• Horizontal communication planning
• Quantitative and Qualitative market research and analysis
• Marcom planning
• Brand identity and optimisation
• Production of TVC, DM, Ambient and print advertising communications
• Online Advertising
• Public Relations and Press Relations
• Events, Roadshows & Exhibitions
• Web site design, development and Rich internet applications
• Marketing communication measurement, monitoring and optimisation


(Here goes a list of clients, locals, past and present)

Integrated communications

Our offices in Singapore and Malaysia means we are responsive and aware of local market conditions. Our various teams and departments can provide solutions for all your Marcom and brand building needs. In addition to our own network, we also have built strategic alliance with offices in Bangkok, China, Indonesia and the Philippines to ensure full capability in other markets should the need arise. Our affiliation with a network of homegrown independent agencies in the EU and USA means our expertise and their knowledge of local markets ensures success anywhere on the globe.


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Marketing as a Science (THE SCIENCE)

The main benefit of a holistic return-on-marketing investment monitoring system is that you can connect brand management through creative campaign execution to your business performance. A powerful tool indeed when utilised to continuously improve your marketing efforts, it gives you a better picture than the static report which only measures one point in time of your marketing cycle. Effective research, combined with media measurements and analysis, the Mandate method delivers insights which can be converted into stronger market gains.

The Mandate Method reveals:

Category, market, brand competition and consumer insights to better inform brand positioning, leading to more successful campaign executions.

We specialise in massaging this insight to drive segmented or niche personality driven communications.

Our experience in media buying/placement helps us to optimise, track and fine-tune marketing spend, while also capitalising on innovative new ways of gaining mindshare for our clients.

The details are in the technology

In today's increasingly competitive interactive environment, big ideas are very important. That's why, in order to really develop your online presence you need the sharpest minds developing your solutions.

Mandate delivers results in the digital realm because we have the right creative attitude to think beyond the box... developing strategies that prove over and over again how to elevate your brand above the clutter competing for consumer's attention.

We've got the right people to implement the processes, programmes and applications you need to succeed. Whether it's just a simple emailer campaign to the development of commercial blogs, Rich Internet applications, Content syndication, streaming or live video, content management or an improved user experience at your company portal, Mandate can make it work flawlessly.

Case Studies

(In this section goes a showcase of 2 to 4 client works)


Maximize results with measurement. There are three ways to make sure you get the best results from your marketing dollar.

• Brand Perception. These studies focus on consumers functional, emotional and subliminal relationships to your brand, and how they drive theirs conclusions. This ranges from awareness and familiarity to brand relevance in establishing preference for your brand.

• Performance Measures. These studies help you to gauge how the combined brand building exercises have come together to drive your overall marketing returns, and can be measured at the campaign level (immediate response, cost per lead generated, etc.) to market saturation (depth of channel penetration, channel quality, and channel velocity) and can even give you a picture of performance on key issues like price premiums, consumer loyalty and the lifetime value of a consumer.

• The bottom line. Financial analysis which report the economic metrics, such as for revenue growth or the return-on-investment year on year.
Collectively, these monitoring activities allow you to judge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in regards to your brand investments and how they impact your bottom line.

In addition, we offer proprietary tools that quantify this data so that you can take quick and effective action to stewarding your brand. These include....
(keep copy from existing FastFacts (reporting system)


The Art of Creatively Marketing (THE ART)

Creativity applied in a strategic manner is the hallmark of our work at Mandate. Creating ad campaigns that focus on winning you more customers than awards, means our creative is driven by critical processes and strategic analysis. Your brand will gain traction with the consumer because we utilise quantitative data to identify, segment and communicate with the right target audience for your brand.
Mandate speaks media. We know how to craft a message which works horizontally for all your communications channels, providing you with stylised and highly individualistic points of connection with your existing and potential customers.

Creativity is a process.

This process goes through four distinct phases to develop strategic creative solutions to your communication challenges. Working closely with the client in a collaborative process, we can elevate your brand's profile. Our clients have experienced levels of success beyond their expectations as a result of this process.


Our staff helps you to define your ROI objectives by collecting data and analysing data, interviewing key stakeholders, studying the competition and identifying the ideal target audience.


In-depth analysis of the collected data enables us to formulate with our clients a consensus on marketing strategies, brand positioning, content formulation and standards of measure.


Executing a variety of creative solutions, we then fine-tune them to ensure maximum success before putting them into the public mindspace across all media platforms. This is when we begin result monitoring processes.

Fine Tuning

By measuring and monitoring target market responsiveness to these initiatives on an on-going basis, we can fine tune the creative, media channel and strategy as needed to optimise the results.
Mandate Communications Website Copywriting
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Mandate Communications Website Copywriting


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