• “PUNA” is part of a decade long project on the effects of climate change – which Jasmine Rossi has been working on parallel to her series “Metamorphosis” - about the melting polar regions.
    Most of her work evolves around water  - the element that sustains life - or in the case of PUNA the lack of it:  deserts, gigantic salt flats, toxic mineral deposits, even her shocking images of desiccated animals, are all but a consequence of the same process. Where there is no water there can be no life. 
    The PUNA is a desert plateau amidst the Andean range between Argentina, Chile and Bolivia has an average height of 4000 metres (13000 feet) above seal level, so high that the word Puna is also synonymous in this region for altitude sickness. It is adjacent to the Atacama Desert, said to be the driest place on earth. The Spanish conquistadores called it “el despoblado”  - the uninhabited place. 
    The PUNA series shows a world devoid of life, as in primeval times on earth.
  • Inner Spectrum
  • Andean Shrine II
  • Arizaro
  • Island of Hope
  • Andean Sphynx
  • Little Elixir 
  • Andean Tincture
  • Incognito 
  • Exhibition View, Pabellon de las Bellas Artes, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires