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We Are Agency ​​​​​​​

Logo and corporate identity for a social media advertising agency
Moscow, Russia

About the client

We Are Agency is an agency that develops and launches advertising campaigns in VK, MyTarget, TikTok, Odnoklassniki and other foreign social networks. The We Are Agency team has a specialized field of targeted advertising, so the clients can be sure that experts with great experience will work with them.


To design a logo and corporate identity that capture the core brand values: professionalism of the team, creativity in carrying out the tasks, openness and responsiveness in work.


Our team has designed a minimalistic logo, which has the word “We” located above the word “Are” –– this is a metaphor referring to how easily the agency team sorts out all the work of targeted advertising for their clients. The letter “W” is depicted in the form of an upward graph hinting at the progressive development of the agency.

To make the logo less official, we put a colourful billet between the words “We” and “Are”. This element is multifunctional. Firstly, with its help, the logo reveals the idea of the name ––  you can easily change "Agency" to other words:  “We Are Creative”,  “We Are Effective”,  “We Are Partners”. Secondly, the billet can be used as a key design element: for example, as a photo frame or a text background.

Corporate Identity 

For the corporate colours we have chosen blue, violet, pink and green. 
They have been selected for the following reason: if you look at the most popular social networks logos, you will find the same palette. When we chose the fonts, we also were inspired by social media. We have picked Mulish and Poppin, non-contrast and sans serif. Thus, the colours and fonts have become a metaphor for the continuity and close connection of the agency with social networks.

We Are Agency is a digital project, so for the media, we have decided not to change the social networks subject. So our team has developed an animated filter. Thanks to the randomizer, the mask selects one of the phrases for the user: "You Are Smart", "You Are Effective", "You Are Funny" — these are the epithets the agency describes its clients.

The team has already updated the website with a new corporate identity. Follow the link to see it.

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We are agency