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    calendar confetti - carpe diem - 2014
A disappearing, a dying function is a good occasion for a gravestone oration. One can trample upon a function’s grave, thereby freeing oneself from the function’s burden. It does not imply a deconstruction of an alive function, rather – a work with the mental body’s memory, the phantom pain of the mental, which prevents the fleeting – the modern-day offline calendar – from eroding beyond repair.
‘Today’s man’ takes note of the days’ and months’ calendar marking either in a morning TV show  or in his/her smartphone or PC but more often the name and number of the day of the week and month come from some inner bio-meter. Or else, one can always ask the nearby kiosk girl.
A year can be divided into days, but the year is a human-invented convention, although borrowed from Nature, that helps us apportion life into chapters. The year is designed to be embraced by something vaguely general – a color, a musical phrase, a mood, a memory.
A year can become an endless Groundhog Days’ string or it can be lived in one bright flash.
To live a ‘full-blooded life’, to ‘live intensely’ do not imply just to manage being everywhere ‘in time’ and ‘successful’ , it also means being ready to ‘give everything one’s got to give’ and to ‘share without reservations’. Our team not only believe in it but try to live by it.