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'Summer' + 'New Life'
Partnering with Apple Music Japan, we set out to tell two very different but equally magical stories.

The first, “Summer,” showcases the summer festival season’s bright days and vibrant nights in Japan. We follow our lead character as he slides, dives, and crowd surfs his way across the festival scene, sprinkled with authentic details taken from the sites, snacks, and regalia of the season. Both pieces serve as dynamic journeys through life, backed by music and sounds that keep things fun and energizing.

The second, “New Life,” centers around our protagonist and her metamorphosis from student life into her young adulthood as a budding professional. Fueled by her soundtrack, our hero and her world spring to life with vivid colors and fluid cel animation, setting her well on her way into a new stage of life and style.
"We took these fun ideas into wildly abstract places as we smoothly transitioned from scene to scene with hand-drawn animation and dynamic camera moves. Drawing inspiration from the joy that music brings to every moment, we animated our hearts out, playing with equal parts character personality and sensory overload."
New Life
"Fueled by their soundtracks, our heroes and their worlds spring to life with vivid colors and fluid cel animation, taking us on a journey through the joys of growing up."
Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Director: Will Johnson
Managing Director / E.P.: Jo Arghiris
Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
Head of Production: Tyler Locke
CG Supervisor: Tim Hayward

Summer Team
Art Director: Macauley Johnson
Producer: Nicole Smarsh
Design Lead: Hana Yean
Designers: Ana Chang, Gretel Cummings, Cam Floyd, Kenny Kerut, Jina Kwon, Amy Wallace
2D Animators: Danni Fisher-Shin, Jeffery JIP Jeong, Henry Pak, Lauren Tom,
Cel Animators: Lyuben Dimitrov, Matt Everton, Kaylee Lee, Ana Perez Lopez, Jahmad Rollins, Nicole Stafford, Laura Yilmaz
3D Generalist/Compositor: Cameron Scott

New Life Team
Art Directors: Macauley Johnson, Hana Yean
Sr Producer: Bridgette Spalding
Designers: Danni Fisher-Shin, Jina Kwon
2D Animators: Danni Fisher-Shin, Henry Pak, Erich Reimers
Cel Animators: Sam Button, Danni Fisher-Shin, Lyuben Dimitrov, Scott Johnson, Henry Pak, Erich Reimers, Aly Tain, Lauren Tom
3D Generalists: Cameron Scott
Storyboards: Macauley Johnson
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