Probably my favorite lettering piece to-date - I've designed a promotional poster for a really cool event that takes place at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.  They have several days throughout the spring and summer that guests can come and eat breakfast with some of their favorite animals and learn a little more about them.  Really hope I get to go to one of these someday.  (I would hands down choose the giraffe breakfast.)
You can learn more about the actual event and find out about ticket pricing here.
I'd like to stress that this is not an "actual" poster for the zoo - just a personal project I did on my own.  It seemed like too fun of an event to pass up designing for.  
Below is a small look into some of the process work I completed for this piece.  It's such a constant transformation when I work, that it is basically impossible to understand the whole start to finish.  (Even for me...sometimes things just "happen" and I can't remember how I got there.)
I really wanted a cool "flow" to the poster and I wanted it to carry throughout the whole piece - so setting up a baseline system of sorts was super necessary. 
So in this example - the left is my original sketch (digital) and then I laid the pink lines in on top, which I used to refine all the lettering that is in the final.  
Super excited about the texture I used for this poster.  I wanted a quality of "vintage" or old, even though the event is current.  I experimented with overlay and multiplying options in photoshop until the quality of the texture felt right to me.