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    A final year project
A publication about how our society was created, controlled and manipulated by some particular ideology.
The Objectives from this project is to show people about how society was created, controlled and manipulated by some particular ideology. The reason for showing people about this matter is to make people understand and realize that ideology is part of our society, and has a massive power to influence people, control people and even to shift our life. By understanding that matters, we can understand about how our society works and control. In the end people we will evoke to realize that “...ism” can bring good or bad thing, and from there we hope that same dark history that involve ideology wont happen again.
In this project we will actually focus on 3 ism which is Nazism, Communism and Liberalism. These reason was because all of these 3 ism has a huge and wide range effect in the development of our society. 
Interestingly since these 3 ism was developed in different place it show a different way of the cause and effect