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    Trying to share some drawings with other humans
Leaf colored pencil on blackness
My mom hit this deer with her car and gave me it's skull
#2 Triconderoga! Portrait of my friend, work in progress
Self portrait
Leaf colored pencil
Semper Augustus four color bic pen.
My friend wants to get this tattooed on his ass. He loves it.
Sunset oil crayons
Here's a scetch of my friend as she passed out on skype
Zomby Squirrel
Pressed to hard drawing above hand, used outline rather tha waste a page of my book.
My skateboard graphic for the Board Boutique!
Wish I could have got ahold of one for my wall...
Study for above mentioned board graphic.
Leaf Skullington
Drew this when I was 20. Trying to come up with "tribal" looking tattoo things.
I'm glad I made it out of the 90's without a tribal tattoo!