Advanced Studio / 
- Architecture Department
- Apparel Design Department 
- Digital Media Department
2014 Wintersession RISD
Collaboration Work of Emily Yen and Jiali Xuan
Course Overview / 
As the field of wearable technology expands and fashion as art becomes more relevant, students are challenged to explore the intersection of fashion, architecture, and technology while using the body as a vehicle.
The program, encouraged new ways of thinking about body augmentation in space via innovative design, additive manufacturing and promoted experimentation with materials that embrace technology.
With an emphasis on researching strategies for the articulation of new fashion artifacts and architecture, students developed a working knowledge of traditional flat pattern making techniques, experimented with Lilypads, LEDs, smart fabrics, and thermochromic inks as well as set up generative and animation techniques with Maya as modeling tool for the design of complex morphologies. 
This studio is co-taught by four instructors, each bringing his/her field of expertise. 
Catherine Andreozzi / 
Associate Professor (RISD Apparel Design Dept.)
- draping, sewing, apparel design fundamentals  
Niccolo Casas /  Ludovico Lombardi  / 
Designer, Architect (Zaha Hadid Architects)
- 3D print, software Maya modeling
Brian Kane / 
Professor (RISD Digital Media Dept.)
- Electronics, Arduino programing
Final presentation / 
A PERFORMATIVE INVESTIGATION / Motion, Sound and Interaction
Narrative / 
 With 2 different light circuits per dancer and capabilities to play 4 different sound bytes, a veritable matrix of possibilities abound! The matrix diagram below captures our system capabilities: 
Advanced Studio / Augmented Body

Advanced Studio / Augmented Body

2014 Winter Session

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