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"Who sits on the branch"Series of graphic works. For the exhibition in the Zoom Café 

charcoal, pastel, sauce, gel pen digital printing matt heavy paper:
Albrecht Durer 280 g 

It was a warm summer evening, I decided to have a stroll.Events of the day were roving in my head.
leaving home I switched on the answering machine, but I didn’t find any messages when came back.
like soft mud loneliness was amassing in the lake
I was listening and watching her in the eyes unceasingly
I kept silence.                          She bit her lip and sat for some time staring                           at a spot on the wall. In spring we went to datcha                          
do you have any questions?                           
she remained silent giving no sign of what she was thinking.                          
I couldn’t get asleep - not because of hard thoughts. I was too tired to think of many thoughts I have that sometimes it happens I can’t hold them, otherwise they might tore me to pieces.
I don't remember anything                           but they say that the sun was shining…                          
with no comprehension of anything,                            the dog was crying loudly.                           and this loud cry didn’t let me hear steps behind my back.                           
sometimes one may wish to be alone, however among others.1. how contrived it sounds. 2. don’t know… I haven’t seen him since then…
As if trying to get reconciled with herself, she said: ok, let’s forget all this.
Pig-headed sleep refused to come to me.Thoughts in my head got harder turning into a heap of cobblestones.
half sleeping I get up and constantly stumbling                         I crawl in impenetrable darkness.                       “respect silence and peace.                       After 10 pm TVs are to be turned off.                       People are to wake up early for work”.                       
must have gone for a minute.                       
I tell her about this. she laughs. says I am strange.

Came back from job very late. “It’s so terrible. You’re torn to pieces, then all this fades away, leaving you only weakness”