Grow Food Brand Identity
Grow Food is a healthy food constructor — breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner are prepared from ingredients you pick through the application with a calorie calculator. Sets of meal delivered weekly, different for each day.

Thanks to the subscription, cooking can be replaced by anything you desire. “Have time for what’s really important” is the central plot of the visual system. “Have time” is the shadows — plates cast them in angles relevant to each meal time. “What’s really important” is the messages, written with the bold custom typeface.

#shukadesign                    2022​​​​​​​​​
“Have time” is the constant line of the message. Additional one names the exact thing you prefer cooking.
The logo can be arranged in a line or two, so it looks big, placed on media of different shapes or scales.
Custom Grow Font typeface is paired with Cooper Light (Cyrillic version by Manvel Shmavonyan for ParaType). Grow Font is bold, it fills the space tightly, like food fills the boxes. Together with elegant Cooper Light, they form a contrast and vibrant combination.
Colours of the juicy palette are paired by the significant tones of the shadow. The pattern shows the idea of a diverse diet. Its plasticity rhymes with a composition of the logo.
Grow Food runs a hi-tech factory near St. Petersburg — robots bake 1200 pancakes per hour, recipes are loaded into boilers through USB, and the trays are filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen.
creative strategy director → anastasia butrym
creative director → ivan velichko
art director → dasha zudina
lead designer → valya lazareva
lead motion designer → dmitry kozlyaev
motion designer → daniil svetlov
3D visualisation → oleg mushta
project manager anna eremina

content director, writer vasilii kolesnik
producer ekaterina shcherbakova

cyrillic version of Cooper Light by 
Manvel Shmavonyan for ParaType

designed by shuka ®
© all rights reserved
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Grow Food Brand Identity