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Installation - ILTS13 Elastomeric Escapisms
Title: Elastomeric Escapisms
Year: 2012
Materiality: Polycarbonate, structural tape, graphite powder, copper tape, high voltage
Size: Single element 400mm (w) x 700mm (h) Complete network 2500mm (w) x 3500mm (h)
This project was part of a Masters of Architecture design studio in Digital Architecture from the University of Sydney, Australia. After becoming interested in Electroactive Polymers and their potential as a performative installation we came upon the Materiability Research Network. From tutorials and videos posted on this site we successfully fabricated our own EAP. This process took place over 4 months at the end of 2012. For a full tutorial please visit the Materiability website here:
Installation - ILTS13 Elastomeric Escapisms
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Nicole Larkin