Speedpaint - 2014
These are some(or most, to be more precise) of my speedpaintings.

I'm trying to find time for personal development, "sandboxing" etc. :) I really like the idea of speedpainting, I don't do it very often and I am a pretty slow painter, but I'll try and fix that.  Images range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
A quick sketch with Mischief
Last Light, June 2014.
White Wolf, June 2014.
Unstoppable Corpse, June 2014.
Super Speedpainting Funtimes, Shadow Order, June 2014.
Super Speedpainting Funtimes, Edge Citadel, June 2014.
Super Speedpainting Funtimes, Nazi Mech, June 3rd 2013. ~45-50m
Super Speedpainting Funtimes, Black Slayer, June 2nd 2013.
"Greenhouse", Feb 19th 2014. I took an additional 5 minutes to add in a few things.
"Giant train", 30 minutes. Feb 18th 2014.
"Really, really long train", a variation on the spitpaint topic. 30 minutes. Feb 18th 2014.
Molten, 50 minutes. Feb 13th 2014
30 minute progress here.
Construction Yard, Feb 12th 2014
Arctic Submarine Feb 9th 2014
Master of the sand, Feb 7th 2014.
Giant Slug, Feb 5th 2014.
Aztec Temple, Feb 11th 2014.
Pink hair and cool goggles, Feb 8th 2014.
"Helicopter on fire" This was a Spitpaint but I decided to take it half an hour longer, I wasn't happy with the result.
This took around an hour, maybe hour and a half. I was drawing with malfunctioned drivers for my Bamboo, I don't really know why. :D One day I will maybe return to this.
Failed "Little Red Riding Hood Gone Rampage". Feb 10th 2014.
Speedpaint - 2014

Speedpaint - 2014

30 minute speedpaintings for the Facebook group Daily Spitpaint.


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