Schelokovsky Khutor architectural museum

In a large museum under an open sky the monuments of the wooden architecture are located — the unique samples of the architectural and construction culture of the 17-20th century with house carving (blind carving). The museum concept allows to present the variety of the folk architecture, its original engineering solutions 
and artistic approach.

A lot of work to preserve and promote the cultural heritage is underway. As one of the main stylistic elements, 
the Bukvitsa, an Old Slavonic alphabet has been implemented in our project. 

Each letter represents a unique illustration with its own history and storyline inspired by the threaded patterns. Bukvitsa — is a distinctive language of the organisation of the museum space. Its figurative structure serves
as a main element of communication and knowledge sharing. It can be integrated in the various design 
spaces delivering the original as well as the recognizable image of the museum. 
LOCO Studio
art director: Artem Petrovskiy
designers: Evgenia Petrovskaya, Daria Kutanova
calligraphy: Elena Alekseeva
illustrator: Elena Podsekalina
cgi: Dmitrii Saveliev
architecture: O'gorod team
manager: Ekaterina Unikaya
designed by LOCO Studio
© all rights reserved
Schelokovsky Khutor architectural museum