Personal Project - Stop the Poaching

I've been waiting to do this campaign for the last couple of months now.
I wanted to finally expand my Photoshop skills as well with using masking more.
Unfortunately, shame to say, I have never really used masking up until doing this project.

The dust effect is showing how the following animals are
disappearing, particularly in an alarming rate.

The poaching of numerous animals today is getting out of
control as the middle-class continuous growing in Asia.

Animals such as the African Elephant, Black Rhinoceros and the White Rhinoceros.

Among the African Elephants (Savannah and Forest) there are
470,000 - 690,000 individuals remaining in the wild.

The Black Rhinoceros is pretty much near extinction with less then 5,000 remaining in the wild.

In 2011, the Western Black Rhinoceros was declared extinct due to poaching.

With the White Rhinoceros, there are currently 20,170 left in the wild.

As an animal lover this seriously frustrates me as people are doing their best to try to stop
this senseless hunting because the ivory has “medicinal” purposes as well as other uses.

***The quotes and facts are from the World Wildlife Funds website.***
Personal Project - Stop the Poaching