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Loopworks Part II (2022)

Loopworks Vol II (2022)

Loopworks 2 is a follow up to my debut album Loopworks (2016 - 2018).

Whilst the first volume used 60’s and 70’s Turkish records as it source material, Loopworks 2 expands musical ideas explored in the first volume, as well as  the sampling pool. Volume 2 is based on snippets from 70's TV and 80's new age & jazz tapes along with records from the era. This disparate material is mangled and glued together with different sampling techniques.

On the second volume, I collaborated with Ekin Fil, who contributed to the album with vocals and sound textures, Berke Can Ozcan played drums and percussion.

The LP comes with a bonus CD entitled 'Loopworks 2 Extras', that could be another album itself, created from extra material that couldn’t make it to the LP. 

Composed in 2020 and 2021.
Released by Discrepant (20.05.2022).
Artwork and CD design by Bora Başkan.
Vinyl mastered by D&M, Berlin.
CD mastered by Ahmet Türk.
Video for 626 Loop produced by Istanbul based 3D artist Ersin Başaran and was based around a 3D model of the artist's recently demolished high school. Together we created dreamlike scenarios happening in each classroom.
Loopworks Part II (2022)

Loopworks Part II (2022)