We were told to decorate our classroom and use any techniques we wanted.
Our idea was to work with something that was already there, so the design would interact with the room.

We took some inspiration from the exit sign above the door and wanted to come up with a design that would remind people to take a break and exit, if necessary.

By using the man from the exit sign and making him as tall as the door we were making him look like he was escaping out. We made the man the same hight as the door and it made him drew a lot of attention. 
We choose to make him red, as the door is red and the fire equipment also is red. This way, the equipment didn’t need to me moved, and our designed fitted nicely around it. Red is also a color that says danger and is very visible in the environment.
To speak a more graphic language we were playing with ESC (as in the esc-key) instead of EXIT or escape. We also found both funny, graphic related things and serious things to esc (escape) from.
We laser cut these words out in wood and made them as the shadow or the movement shape behind the man.
At last we made big keys out of wood that should remind us to save our work and escape using the keys
CMD    ----->    S    ---->    ESC
What to escape from
In the enviroment
The keys. CMD + S + ESC
Some pictures of the process (mobile pictures)