VIVID - LG OLED Movable AR Screen
Industrial Design
LG OLED Movable AR Screen
2022 / Industrial design
Designed by Fuhua Wang, Weichih Chen, Wenheng Chang, Tzyun Huang
VIVID is a movable dividing screen, a display that helps people for their Post-COVID life. Due to this pandemic, our life has been changed, the boundary of working and living became dramatically blurred. VIVID, a multi-functional OLED divider will become the best tool for both remote working and interior decoration.

Dezeen and LG Display’s OLEDs Go! design competition - 3rd Place
Transparent OLED screen
Thanks to OLED transparent feature, while users change from working to living mode, the OLED divider will become a digital plant like a big AR screen that decorates your space with lived plants. It brings the vivid into the space that changes people's moods and makes them feel more alive, and peaceful like living in nature.
Artwork Display
VIVID is equipped with a transparent OLED screen, which can easily change the mood in the space with animated artwork. VIVID unleashes a million possibilities to decorate the space that creates a new era of modern lifestyle.
Conference Call
With the built-in camera on VIVID, users can easily switch VIVID from home decoration to a video conference call. Thanks to the transparent OLED display, makes the video call more immersive and breaks the distance between the two spaces.

Move it everywhere.
VIVID is light and easy to move from room to room, corner to corner. Simply unplug the power cord then push it to the place you desire, you can use it for personal training or browsing your social media in your room.

Digital Whiteboard & Dividing Screen
Thanks to the simplicity of the devices, VIVID can work with multiple devices together, users can extend the screen virtually and cross multiple devices as a bigger screen for their ideation mood board or a space divider that splits space with an elegant effect.
Design Process
In our design process, we have deeply focused on the possibilities of using OLED technology in the modern world. We try to imagine different future scenarios in our space and lifestyle. Thanks to OLED technology, it allows us to seamlessly improve our life and user behaviors that trigger users' desires.
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VIVID - LG OLED Movable AR Screen
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