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3moonboys - "Zawsze jest za krótko"

Zawsze jest za krótko (Always it’s too short), a new studio album by 3moonboys will be released on February 8th, 2018. The record is a mix of noise, pop and electronics, achieved by departure from song forms in favor of exploration of motoric trance, always present in band’s music.

“3MB changed once again, I must admit I’m surprised, because their previous album, „Line no 8” has been considerable experimental already, but now I feel, that musicians went into the unknown. A great respect for the courage. And it’s not to short at all.”
Violence Online

“What an album have 3moonboys made! It surprises especially in the context of their creativity - although they have consistently been going this way. There are a few records so difficult to pigeonhole! However, when you listen to it, you feel that they have reached some kind of essence of their activity. Breakthrough!”
Polish PiK Radio

„Expressive, original, bold, thrilling and consistent. Listening to it is a pleasure of interacting with an excellent music and the joy of discovering further details. The jokes are over. It's time for the curiosity to become a revelation”.
Cantara Music

Wojtek Kotwicki:
guitarist, vocalist, producer, composer, video recording/montage, logo creator, web designer, web developer html/cs/js/php/MySQL, band member.
3moonboys - "Zawsze jest za krótko"


3moonboys - "Zawsze jest za krótko"