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Moss Humidifier
Industrial Design
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Moss Humidifier 

Hybrid Humidifier / Internal Project

This product is made by combining the principles of natural moss and electric humidifier. Moss is a beneficial plant that purifies the air around you and creates adequate humidity. So, there are people who grow moss indoors at home. But growing moss is a little difficult. This is because in order to cultivate moss, it is necessary to provide adequate moisture and create a humid environment. While moss is a plant that cleans the air around it and creates the right humidity, it's ironic that they too should be placed in such an environment. 

If we create conditions for moss to thrive, we will be able to live with moss permanently. It's simple. You can install a humidifier around the moss. In short, it is an idea to combine an artificial humidifier and a natural humidifier into one. An artificial humidifier creates a favorable environment for moss. This will be a circulatory system that will create a pleasant air quality in your home.
To flesh out this idea, I did research on moss. I found an important clue: moss is a plant that doesn't take root. That meant it could survive on materials such as stones and glass, without the need for soil. I designed a structure with the maximum cross-section in which the moss can be cultured while having the minimum volume. This can be seen as similar to the structure-principle of the heat sink. And to cultivate moss on the cross section of the manufactured part, I referred to the wall graffiti work using moss. Add the moss and some additives, grind it in a blender, apply it to the desired surface, and after a few days the moss will start to form there. I believe that products of various shapes and structures can be combined with moss or other beneficial plants to give new value to humans.
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Moss Humidifier
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