Various Works 1995-2011
Z3 have been the principal design studio for Umberto Giannini for 16 years. We work very closely with the team at UGHC on many varied projects, from packaging to web design, signage to advertising and printed literature.
We are working closely with the company on new product designs/packaging all exclusive to Boots. Below are just some of the projects we have worked with UGHC collaboratively on.
New designs for the Sleek and Chic gift set range for Boots
Completely reflective foiled aerosol tins designed by Z3 and UGHC. Ultra cool product for creative stylists.
New website is online. Check it out on
New website is online. Check it out on
New product promotional advert for UGHCs page on
Product line -up for UGHCs minis range.
3D concept for in-store hair style bar for Selfridges.
Umberto Giannini