• ICE - Crystal
  • ICE (H20) - Crystal

    Tiny crystals lie on an Antarctic beach, deposited by the tides, blown into shape by the katabatic winds, waves lick and gnaw at ice-bergs creating astounding shapes and forms. The result are abstract shapes and patterns, ephemeral sculptures created by the elements. 

    But the eerie beauty of these wondrous shapes and forms created by the melting ice and frozen in time by her camera are illusory  -  it is death that we are looking at - , the final moments of an element (H20) in transformation, its regression from a solid to a liquid state. 

    Jasmine Rossi’s images present the beginning of a catastrophe.  Like the perfect calm before a hurricane, or the glorious light illuminating the sky before a massive storm,  she is up against arace with time, as these fantastic formations are steadily disintegrating in front of her very eyes.

    ICE (H20) ongoing project that portrays the effects of GLOBAL WARMING.
  • TRANSPARENT ICE represents the final stage in the metamorphosis of disintegration from solid to liquid state. As it dissolves oxygen seeps between the cracks and it turns white and then transparent. Transparent ice is a metaphor for the final stages of destruction, for the dissolution of the natural order.
  • Crystal Palace
  • Wonderworld
  • Crystal Palace III
  • My Little Toy
  • Digital C type prints on Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II paper (75 year colour guarantee). Gallery Floating Plexi mounting; sealed behind a polished premium acrylic glass sheet (UV protected). Also available in ultraslim lightboxes (40 mm deep with aluminium frame) 
  • Crystal Palace, XL Edition on ultraslim lightbox, London, UK
  • Crystal Palace, XL Edition on ultraslim lightbox, London, UK