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    Silk scarf "Haute Couture" for Anne Touraine
In 2013 I've designed 6 different scarves for Anne Touraine (www.annetouraine.com).
Now I'm showing you one of the scarves - Haute Couture, which is dedicated to the fashion of the 50s. 
This scarf is in 4 colorways and 2 sizes (70x70cm & 90x90 cm), on the webside (link above) you can see more pictures, more scarves and actually buy one =)
To design a scarf takes me approximately 3-4 weeks. I get tired on the way )) But when I see the real product, when I wear my scarves - I'm proud =)
I really like this one and I'll show you a little bit of the process.
The original idea was to show the fashion of the 50s, women, dresses, shops and the way it all was created. So I made this sketch (and I like it, other way I woudn't have shown it)
But it was decided just to leave these small but nice lady things - parfumes, shoes, jewelry and some things from the "sewing kit" =) And to draw a lot of them.
This is how it turned out to be in color. With details.
Actually... Pictures above are not the final version))) but I find them better as a preview (you can see more, details are bigger).
The final version has more details, more objects... and it is even better when printed =)
Pictures of the printed scarves. Enjoy!