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X&O Bottle Opener
Industrial Design
X&O Bottle Opener
A nifty easy to carry all steel bottle opener that can tag along on your keychain or slide inside a wallet. Milled from a block of Stainless steel 304, the X&O showcases a symmetric design that is easy to understand and simple to use. It's name comes from the unique relationship between the opener (the X) and the bottle cap (the O). In it's current configuration the X&O comes in both sandblasted as well as chrome finishes.

Ideation and Research
The idea began with a simple silhouette sketch that encouraged me to think about the bottle opener. I created a large number of models in a variety of materials (and thicknesses), beginning with simple 3d prints and progressing to laser cut steel, aluminum, titanium, and even nickel alloys. Steel had the best weight and feel, whereas aluminum appeared to be relatively light. Titanium produced excellent results, but the milling procedure would have been prohibitively expensive. Steel 304 was chosen because it was easy to mill (and was commonly available) and had the proper weight. After the overall proportion was established, the surfaces were fine-tuned to be comfortable to hold while still being powerful enough to disengage the cap.

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Year : 2022
Type of Project : Industrial Design and Art Direction
Personal Project

X&O Bottle Opener
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Sushant Vohra