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Cointelli Brand & Promotion film

Yacht produced brand films and promotional films for Cointelli, a fast-growing startup that provides tax services related to cryptocurrencies.
As Cointelli handles taxes generated by digital currency, which is popular among younger generations, we produced brand films and promotional videos targeting a younger audience group who are interested in cryptocurrency and will be their main customers.
Therefore, contrary to the conservative image of tax services providers, the videos were created to bring a more youthful and kitsch feel, emphasizing the ease of use of their services. Besides, since the content of tax treatment had to give an accurate and reliable impression, the videos were produced focusing on the functional superiorities unique to Cointelli.

Our Aim

To induce the image of easier and easier tax processing, the main production is to describe each scene with witty objects, and the fast-paced dubbing is expressed in motion graphics to understand the core value of the Cointelli.



Client : Cointelli
Produced by: Yacht
Brand Film Director : Noh Seungyong
Promotion Film Director : Jang Junseok 
2D Motion Graphic : Noh Seungyong | Jang Junseok 
3D Motion Graphic : Lee Chanyoung
Creative Boutique : CWAD
Art Director : Yoon Seongoh
Copy Writer : Cho Sungbae
Sound Designed by : txtrs. 
Sound Director : Moon Yirang
Sound Design : Kona
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