Shinsegae VILLIV RE:MAKE Incense Kit
Industrial Design

Shinsegae VILLIV RE:MAKE Campaign Incense Kit
Mobills Group collaborated with lifestyle living brand ‘Shinsegae VILLIV’ to design the incense kit using construction industry waste concrete.

Date: May 2022
Partner: Shinsegae VILLIV

Just as VILLIV remakes waste concrete through this campaign
VILLIV hope that users remake their place and lifestyle.

The incense kit was designed to be reminiscent of a sundial through the keywords ‘Sustainable, Light & Shadow, Incense’. The moment the space is filled with incense, users can experience a special RE:MAKE of their daily life.

Mobills is a creative group that experiments with the way of working. In addition to launching the brand ‘Mobetterworks’, we collaborate with partners in various field to solve problems and record the process of working on ‘MoTV’. Mobills wants to create a fun and playful working culture with a group sound that harmonizes the distinct individualities of the members.

Shinsegae VILLIV RE:MAKE Incense Kit
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