"Story №375"A drawn story   
100x70 cmcardboard, charcoal, pastel, sauce 2008

Saturday 5.12. (Saturday of the 5th of December)
1. I dropped to Kolobok café in Chernyshevsky prospect,
I took my usual order. - “Lilieberg kept silence for a while”. “Sorry, plumped it out without thinking”
2. I wish so much to have my own separate apartment.. - “with no hurry I started my sandwich and milk”
3. when I went out to the street I shut my eyes
because of the bright sun. But what I saw kept standing in front of my eyes. “You know, such a strange case, very strange… Could you send anyone, or better come yourself… Well, I’ll be waiting by the corner”
4. At home I put on my protective outwear
and went to the railway station. 
5. I woke up in the forest  - «We just didn’t utter a word»