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    logo & website design, fundraiser organizing
The Hollywood Theater, a nonprofit run theater, needs to raise money to make the film-to-digital conversion. Major movie studios and distributors are now making the switch to DCP (Digital Cinema Package), a file format that is screened at theaters via a high-end digital projector and server. If the Hollywood Theater does not get this new projector, it will be forced to go dark, as they will be unable to get the rights to show any movies. I put together Handmade for the Hollywood as a unique way for creative members of the community to contribute to that fundraising effort.

Artists were asked to donate their time and supplies to create limited edition prints, of movie posters, that would be sold as part of a fundraiser. The posters are sold at the theater, and I designed and built the website so they could sale posters online as too. All proceeds go to the Friends of the Hollywood, the nonprofit organization that runs the theater.
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I designed the sight and the logo. I wanted the feel of the site and the logo to reflect the handmade poster being created. I separated the page using a few different paper textures. I designed the logo lock up, and then had a stamp created. I took scans of the stamps and used a combination of those to create the logo.
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